North Shore Sportsman’s League Bylaws
Revised April 18, 2018

It is the responsibility of each team’s manager and/or coach to make sure that the team’s players have been advised of the bylaws that the North Shore Sportsman’s League are governed by and play under.

Founded in 1985, this senior men’s soccer league’s first and foremost principles are fairness and sportsmanship.

All FIFA playing rules and BC Soccer Rules and Regulations apply, except where specifically altered by this league.

A – League Teams

A-1. All teams participate in this league, by invitation only. The league executive reserves the right to screen all team applications and to make decisions about any team’s future league affiliation.

A-2. Any league team forfeits their league affiliation, at the discretion of the league executive, if greater than 50% of personnel has changed over one year. As proof the team must submit a player roster for the league executive by the 2nd league meeting.

A-3. Any team who loses affiliation from this league will be considered a new team and will be subject to rule 1 above.

A-4. All league fees and any outstanding payments must be paid by the last league meeting prior to week 1 of the season, No exceptions!

B – League Discipline

B-1. All decisions regarding red card offences for this league will be made by the executive member(s) responsible for league discipline. The decisions will be made soon after receiving the referee’s report with managers being notified of the decision prior to their next league game.
NOTE: The referee’s game report shall be deemed the official document for the basis of any disciplinary action.

B-2. Review process: a review of a suspension of 2 or more games may be requested by letter with a $25.00 deposit. The player will then have the opportunity to appear and offer a full answer or defense before the remaining executive who will convene at a set date and time to make the final decision. Managers may also submit a report with their description of the offence to be considered at the review. The player will remain suspended until further review decision is rendered. If the review is successful the $25.00 deposit will be refunded.

B-3. Violent conduct – Ejection for violent conduct on or off the field will result in an automatic suspension of a minimum of 3 games from the date of the occurrence. The league reserves the right to increase the automatic minimum 3 game suspension.

NOTE: The referee’s written report shall be deemed final.

Violent Conduct which would qualify for the above 3 game suspension would include:

1. Spitting

2. Striking – as with a fist, head butting, etc.

3. Kicking

4. Use of any item as a weapon (ex. Soccer ball, corner flag, water bottle, any foreign object)

5. Assault of a referee or game official.

Violent conduct of a lesser nature such as foul and abusive language used against anyone involved with a game including spectators will receive a suspension of 1 game minimum.

Any request for appeal after the league’s appeal process has been completed, must be done through BC Soccer for any offence under section B-3.

B-4. Other ejections will carry a minimum 1 game suspension. The referee’s written report will be deemed final. The executive member in charge of discipline will determine the length of suspension and or fines.

B-5. Any team guilty of lesser misconducts, as reported by game officials, shall be subject from fines to expulsion as determined by the league executive.

B-6. Any player deemed by officials to be impaired prior or during the game, shall be barred from play and will be subject to league discipline. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A RED CARD OFFENCE.

B-7. Undue use of profanity on or off the park by any team member or supporters will result in disciplinary action taken by the league.

B-8. Carding system

RED CARDS: An automatic 1 game suspension plus review and decision of further possible suspensions by the disciplinary committee.

YELLOW CARDS: 3 accumulated yellows = 1 game suspension upon notification from league.

REPEAT OFFENDERS: Accumulations of 6 yellow or 2 red cards will carry a minimum rest of season suspension upon review.

CARDS FINES: Teams will be fined $25 for every 5 yellow cards accumulated.

Teams will be fined $25 for every red card issued. Fine must be paid prior to carded player returning to league play or end of current season, whichever comes first.

C – Team Registration

C-1. Each team is allowed unlimited player enrolment.

C-2. All player signings and player transfers must be carried out prior to week 6 of the regular season. Goalkeepers are exempt. Goalkeepers signed after week 5 are restricted to goalkeeper position only.

C-3. The league reserves the right to screen all players signing and transfers.

C-4. All players will require photo ID to prove identification if asked by league official. Players must have a picture ID to prove their identification (BC Drivers License).

Use of a non-registered player will result in the loss of the game plus additional loss of 3 points and $50 fine for the guilty team. See Rule D-7 of D-Team Requirements.

C-5. All player registrations must be completed no later than Friday preceding that weekends games. No player signings will be issued on game day.

D – Team Requirements

D-1. Each team must wear numbered uniforms for every game. No uniforms = No play. A $25 fine will be assessed to any team not having proper uniforms and will increase by $25 for each additional infraction. The home team is responsible for change of uniforms when conflicting jerseys are encountered. Numbered bibs are acceptable in this case.

D-2. Each team is responsible for exact payment of $80 for officiating upfront and prior to the game.

D-3. All teams are responsible for completing their score sheet. Identify player’s names and jersey numbers before the game commences.

D-4. Both teams are responsible for providing a game ball prior to the game. When playing on grass fields, nets and corner flags must be set up and the field lined prior to official game start time or a $25 fine will be levied as the team is not ready to commence the match. Referee reports will include this information.

D-5. Both teams are required to keep supporters under control. Unruly spectators reflect badly upon the league’s public image. The league reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any team whose team members or supporters show repeated lack of conduct.

D-6. Any team without at least 8 players at the official game start time shall forfeit the game and their opponent will be awarded a 1-0 default win. The defaulting team will be responsible for the full official’s fee of $140. If however, both teams display sportsmanship and agree to play a friendly exhibition game, officiating fees will be shared.

Note: Use of non-registered league players in this friendly is not allowed.

D-7. Teams must use proper score sheets for all games. If they are using pre-printed score sheets, managers are responsible for crossing off players who are not present. If a player arrives late during the first half or during the second half, it is up to the manager to advise the officials and to re-enter his name on the score sheet. Numbers must correctly correspond with players names. Game officials will check score sheets prior to game to confirm numbers and players present.

D-8. All fines are due within 1 week of being levied.

E – Game Requirements

E-1 All games must start on time. A minimum of 8 players to start per team and a referee are required to constitute an official game. There will be a 10 minute grace period from the scheduled start time to establish a 8th eligible player prior to starting the game.

E-2 There will be no postponements of league games. Only under extreme circumstances shall the league grant postponement. In this case the league needs ample notification of a field and time to organize officials. The League must be notified by 5 pm on Monday for postponing any games for the upcoming weekend. The team requesting the postponing will be fined $100 if request comes after Monday. The team’s fine will be $200 to cover costs that the league must pay for field rentals, ref’s etc. The team requiring the postponement is responsible for the arrangement of parks and times and coordination with the other team involved. The team has 1 week to complete the makeup game or loses 3 points. Changes to the schedule must be agreed upon by both teams and field availability confirmed at least 48 hours prior to originally scheduled kickoff or original schedule applies.

E-3. League games postponed due to field closures will be rescheduled by the league and both teams will be notified as to time and place of make-up games. If a week’s games are postponed, the league will resume play with the next week of games as scheduled. Example: if week 3 is postponed, next weekend would continue with week 4 of the schedule with week 3 rescheduled.

E-4. Only BC Soccer Registered Referees will be used for league games.

F – Playoff Rules

F-1. Only Official Score Sheets handed in will be used to identify games players have played in.

F-2. Red and yellow card suspensions carry over into the playoffs.

F-3. In the event of a tie during regular play, (1 x 15 min. one way overtime), with penalty kicks to follow if required. FIFA rules apply for the penalty kicks.

F-4. Ties in the regular season standings will be settled by:

1. Record vs each other

2. Goals for

3. Goals Against

4. Penalty Shootout.

F-5. Playoff format: All teams are randomly drawn seeding in A Cup and B Cup. Winners of games go onto A Cup, losers B Cup. Each round of A Cup and B Cup are random draws, quarter finals and semi finals. This format is reviewed each year at the first league meeting.

F-6. Any team without at least 8 players at the official game start time shall forfeit the game and their opponent will be awarded a 1-0 default win. The defaulting team will be responsible for the full official’s fee of $140. If the default occurs in the seeding round, the team will not be allowed to continue to the B Cup. The team must also provide a reasonable explanation to the league executive for the default or risk expulsion from the league. If the default occurs at any time during A or B Cup play, the above penalties and consequences are also applicable.

G – League Fines

All fines levied by the league are payable to the North Shore Sportsman’s League. All fine monies collected are to be allocated accordingly as directed by the membership at a league meeting.